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Welcome to the Internet: Don’t be a Huckster (article)

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    That’s all fine and reasonable, but then the problems start to set in. With everyone selling the same thing, the competition becomes stiffer. It’s no longer sufficient to stand on the side of the road displaying your impressive collection of selfie tools. There are too many people doing that, and a passing tourist could go to any of them.

    So how do you get them to buy your selfie sticks? Be more aggressive. Get out in the street and walk up to people saying “SELFIE?! SELFIE?!” Get a flashlight and shine it on the ground in front of tourists at night to get their attention. Put your tarp right in the middle of the walking path so that people have to come past you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Last modified on December 2, 2022